released January 4, 2017

STILLNESS IS RESISTANCE: we gather and pause to find unheard voices and to question what resistance sounds like. Perhaps it sounds very small, but overwhelming, very quiet, but deafening, timeless and, almost still.

Female curated, UNHEARD RECORDS releases their second compilation, under the theme ‘Stillness is Resistance’. Turning the focus towards resistance, the 10 track noise/electronic album undermines and breaks through existing structures, with experimental artists from around the globe.


Artist working in the field between visual arts and music. Born DK 1988, studied sculpture at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and music/sound Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts.

Multi-instrumentalist from Chicago, IL.

Kim Nucci is a composer/visual artist/electronicist based out of Oakland, CA. She likes pizza and the internet

Reducing depth-of-field to a total field of nonfocused multiplicity

Aerial is a producer and composer of electronic (e)scapes, and a designer and operator of various machines.

Mel Elberg is a gay anarcho-feminist scribe practicing civil disobedience and para-linguistics in nu-York, amerikkka, for the time being. Kite is an Oglala Lakota performance artist and composer from Southern California, currently developing a body interface for movement, video, and sound performance and carbon fiber sculptures.

Liew Niyomkarn shape notes, sound into narrative form. Her artist works range music composition to installation. She also enjoys breaking objects and putting them back together into another appearance. She is an active ultimate frisbee player and into most of outdoor activities. Liew is currently residing in The Hague, Netherlands where she is practicing artistic work through its geography and culture.

NARCO ALMS is Nathan Young.


[[[personablack]]] is a sound artist who focuses on simple materials.

Nadia Botello (b. 1986) is a sound artist and experimental composer.

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