January 30, 2018

Turning our focus towards space, 間, UNHEARD RECORDS releases their third compilation, under the theme, ‘Infinite In-Betweens’. In celebration of another year of working with femme & non-binary, Indigenous & minority voices from around the globe, we proudly present Compilation003: Infinite In-Betweens.


  1. Radiant Particles – Julia E Dyck

  2. Compost – Karine Bonneval

  3. Waiting for that Telephone call – cnoc:n:conc

  4. Hippo. – Minji Kim

  5. emergent strategies – RJ

  6. Egg Cósmico – PrieSTusSSY

  7. 00[-007] Queer Vocal Studies – TRANSmission

  8. to chat with unknown people is the newest recreational drug  – xarvs

  9. Existing in the void/ unwell – Erin Genia

  10. Surround Sound (feat. respectfulchild) – Ziibiwan

Julia E Dyck is an interdisciplinary artist and radio producer. Their work explores the transformative potential of listening and transmission.

How to regain empathy towards the non-human? Karine Bonneval focuses on the plant otherness, and the complex and specific interactions that link human and plants. What if we could hear the mushrooms grow? Can we exchange our breath with trees? Her pieces explore the possible links between vernacular and technologies.

Maisie is poet, improvisational artist, and musician from Victoria. Katrina McGee is a Victoria sound artist working in the fields of electronic music, noise, electro-acoustic, ambient and radio art. Together as cnoc:n:conc they explore expressions of AI through electronic and electro-acoustic music. cnoc:n:conc has no official pronunciation, although the closest approximation might be “knock knock”.

Reducing depth-of-field to a total field of nonfocused multiplicity

Artist based in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

Black, Queer, and ready to hear new sounds

PrieSTusSSY is a musical project by Catherine Feliz. Sound is an intuitive medium for this liminal femme to receive and transmute tonics for healing their ancestral lineages. They have been loving and raging in Lenape territory (NYC) since 1992.

TRANSmission is queer noise, through transformation of the voice, recordings of background sounds and other audio ephemera.

xarvs is an in-process project of an autodidact producer/multi-instrumentalist using laptop and MIDI controller to make his heartbeat and other experiences possible, since 2000.

Erin Genia is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice merges cultural imperatives, pure expression and material exploration, with a response to past, present, & future matters. She works in sculpture, performance, sound, painting & public art interfaces.

Genre hopping from ambient experimental electronics to hip hop, trip hop, R&B, and more, Ziibiwan is an electronic musician/proudcer with a no-holds-barred approach to production. Beautiful and tension-filled soundscapes follow dense, calm, trap-inspired epics. Their ethereal, sonics opens into deeply hypnotic spaces where land, sky, and deep sea meet. Ziibiwan is Anishinaabe from Wiikwemkoong, based in Tkaronto (Toronto). FADER describes 2016’s 6-track label EP, Time Limits as “… bright, curious, meditative electronic music, that’s a little reminiscent of Bonobo.” They’re currently working on their debut LP for 2019 release. Ziibiwan has also composed music for two short animations by Amanda Strong which premiered at TIFF.

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