Female curated, UNHEARD RECORDS releases their second compilation, under the theme ‘Stillness is Resistance’. Turning the focus towards resistance, the 10 track noise/electronic album undermines and breaks through existing structures, with experimental artists from around the globe.

Released January 3rd, 2017


BAKÁH’s new EP, MorphingXYZ, out now digitally on Bandcamp. Stay tuned for the vinyl press.

BAKÁH is an electronic musician and a multimedia artist currently based in Los Angeles. The Seoul-born artist works closely with analog synths, digital sound bites and other mediums to bring out unprecedented soundscapes. Acclaimed for her analog synth based audio-visual performances and installations, she blends noise and sound textures alongside minimal beats in her new album, MorphingXYZ.

Released May 20, 2016


Under the theme of “shit you haven’t put out because no ones asked because it’s weird”, Unheard Record presents their first release. This compilation of new rare gems features diverse female experimental electronic artists: KITE, Channaj, JAEGER, Cecelia Lopez, UXvie, Bleie, BAKÁH. From large and industrial sound scape of beats to intimate voices and instruments, the compilation entails Unheard Record’s exceptionally experimental yet beautifully embracing aesthetic.

released October 16, 2015

KITE (((

Cecilia Lopez – Chet Arruinado

Hannah Rose Dexter – A Gray Day
Uxvie – Shy
JAEGER – Swallow
Bleie – Midnattssol
BAKÁH – Crustacean
Death Valentine – Not Today Satan

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